CE certified Smart PDLC film

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CE certified Smart PDLC films provide on-demand privacy at the click of a switch and are suitable for switchable glass such as windows, partitions, showcases, cladding and more.
CE certified Switchable PDLC Films are the basis for unique and innovative solutions in residential, transportation, interactive 3D, rear projection, medical centers, offices, hotels, specialty products, etc. d.
Using replacement glass or replacement film, you can transform traditional windows into technologically advanced windows at the touch of a button.
With switchable glass, you can enjoy your new favorite view without curtains without losing the privacy you deserve. Switchable glass and switchable film are not only suitable for commercial or office use, but also have a wide range of residential applications.
Switchable film and switchable glass products allow you to go from complete privacy to clarity with the flick of a switch. Use switchable glass or switchable film in interior design for aesthetics, and switchable film in exterior design for privacy control.
In business or personal situations, switchable glass is ideal for conference rooms, intensive care units, bathrooms and shower doors as switchable partitions.
Switchable glass or smart films can help reduce lighting costs, reduce glare, and help control room temperature. Protect your valuable household items and the privacy of your visitors or clients with our dimmable film and dimmable glass products.
We have our own professional R&D department and experienced QC team to test and inspect products.
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